Now, get a freedom to roam about in Sweden

If you're planning an overseas trip, then think about Sweden once, as trip to the united states will now become easy and clean, because of Airbnb.
Sweden's official travel and leisure panel has partnered with Airbnb to carefully turn the complete country into an Airbnb list. You even need not officially reserve accommodation because all publicly owned or operated land is totally free and accessible to everyone!

"This is permitted because of a Swedish right assured by the constitution - flexibility to roam. This right permits the Swedish visitors to experience nature and revel in the stunning Swedish animals. In Sweden we've from high mountains to profound forests, from beautiful archipelagos to peaceful meadows. Now, as well as Airbnb, we welcome everyone to Sweden and, through liberty to roam, they can reveal our wonderful nature", says Jenny Kaiser, USA Country Administrator at Visit Sweden.

Independence to roam allows everyone and one to be free amidst Swedish dynamics with the to access, walk, circuit or camp on any land. Only private landscapes and lands under cultivation are an exemption to the guideline. The thought of free mother nature accessible to anyone is in the DNA of each Swede, but with great independence comes responsibility. The overall rule for hanging out in character is "do not disturb, do not demolish" - exactly like in virtually any other home.

"We are incredibly excited to pleasant Sweden on Airbnb for everybody to explore. This collaboration is an initial of its kind cooperation between a travel and leisure mother board and Airbnb. It really is made to promote Sweden as a vacation spot through the energy of the Airbnb community which is correctly put to showcase the countless extraordinary locations to remain throughout the united states." says Wayne McClure, General Supervisor Northern European countries at Airbnb.


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