The World's Most Expensive Teas

Tea is the most popular beverage in the world, beating all sodas, alcohols, and coffee combined! Almost all countries in the world have a rich tea history dating back a thousand years or more. Most teas started out mostly as medicine prescribed by the ancient medicine men. However, lately, teas have become much more than just medicine with people shelling out thousands of dollars to procure rare teas. Most of these teas are handcrafted, making them extremely labor intensive and hence expensive, while other teas are just difficult to produce. While for the regular tea drinkers, even a good quality Darjeeling tea would be on the pricey side, tea connoisseurs pay big money for the best teas across the globe. Here are the five most expensive teas in the world:

Yellow Gold Tea Buds: At around $105.71 USD for 50 grams (around 25 cups), this tea is both as expensive as, and as pretty as a piece of jewellery. These loose leaf teas are painted with real 24 carats gold. These are not only non-toxic, but also pretty healthy to consume. This tea is, however, sold exclusively in Singapore. There is only one mountain in the world where the tea gets harvested, and - to make it even rarer - it's only harvested one day a year, and only with special golden scissors, and only from the top part of the tree.

Panda dung tea: Pandas only eat wild bamboo, and they only absorb around 30% of the nutrients in their food. That leaves 70% in their excrement, which gets into the tea. The dung is used to fertilise the tea. A Chinese entrepreneur decided to cultivate tea leaves in the mountains of Ya'an, Sichuan and fertilise the leaves with the Panda dung.

Da Hong Pao: This tea is legendary, in that it dates back as early as the 18th century (the Dao Guang Era), and is still being talked about to this day. There are many variations of this tea, but the premium one is part of the most expensive list. So the Chinese government sold this tea in 1998 in an auction to the highest bidder, and received $9,00,000 for it. That comes out to around $1,250,000 per kilogram. A few Chinese government officials describe the tea as having a rich floral taste that lingers in the mouth, even several minutes after drinking.

Gyokuro: This tea is known as Sencha, which is a Japanese green tea that's made without grinding the tea leaves. This tea sells for about $65 USD for 100grams. It's made in Japans Uji district.

Tieguanyin: The most expensive tea in the world, Tieguanyin comes from China and sells at $3000 per kg. It's named after a Buddhist deity called Guan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy). It's an oolong tea, meaning its oxidization is somewhere between that of black and green teas. Luckily for anyone who buys this expensive tea, a leaf can be brewed up to seven times before it loses its flavour.


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