Why You Have to Rethink About Nutrition Labelling

A recently available study has revealed that the effects of a particular food product may not be determined on the most basic on the individual necessary protein, fat and fibre content, instead it ought to be evaluated with other item eaten at the same time.
Matching to the University of Copenhagen researchers in Denmark, the composition of a food can alter the properties of the nutrition contained within it, in ways that may not be forecasted on the basis of an analysis of the individual nutrients.
Yoghurt and cheese have a different plus more beneficial effect on bone health, body weight, the risk of expanding heart problems, than would be expected based on their soaked fat and calcium content.
First author Tanja Kongerslev Thorning declared that when we eat, we do not consume individual nutrients, we eat the full food - either alone or jointly with other foods in a meal. It is therefore, evident that we should examine the meals products in context.
You will discover communications between the nutrients in a food that are significant for its overall impact on health.
Thorning described that almonds, which contain a lot of fats, but release less fats than expected during digestive function, even when chewed really well. The effects on health of a food item are probably a blend of the relationship between its nutrients and also of the methods used in its preparation or production. This means that certain foods may be better for us or less healthy than happens to be believed.
The expert panel behind these conclusions involves 18 experts in epidemiology, food, nourishment and medical science.
Discussion posts focussed on dairy products and how the intricate mixture of nutrients and bioactive substances, such as minerals and vitamins, can affect digestion and in the end change the overall dietary and health properties of your particular food.
Researcher Arne Astrup concluded that the sort of cheese is good to illustrate that a food's health results cannot be judged by single nutrients.
Astrup added that most the positive results are due to a complex interaction between beneficial bacteria, minerals and bio-active cheese ingredients.


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