A taste of Peru!

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Remember old Drouot auction house in Paris - where the film “fauteuil d’orchestre’ was shot? Well, it now houses Manko-Paris: the authentic outing for Peruvian cuisine!

Peruvian cuisine is inspired by all cultures of the world and selectively collates influences from Europe, Japan, China and Africa to merge with ancient Andean culture and the exuberance of the Amazon, giving rise to a unique world of flavours.

The Paris outing of Star chef Gastón Acurio, nicknamed Chef "borderless" and renowned as one of the most important ambassadors of Peruvian cuisine in the world, Manko-Paris sets itself up as a mythical experience.

Split into lower and upper levels, the restaurant epitomises its cuisine as it collates influences in material and design from different areas in the world. Plush, sophisticated and regal, the decor stands out with its warm chic colours allowing the nobility of the materials to shine through - floor tiles, patterned sconces, tables and chairs made from precious hardwoods, brass metalwork, gold patinas and silver leafed objects.

Interior designer, Laura Gonzalez, who has focussed on Peruvian culture and traditions for this one, affirms that she was “inspired and influenced by Peru, the Andes and South America,” but also wanted to “respect the beautiful building and area of Avenue Montaigne in Paris.” So the emerald green and luxuriant gold look transcribes refinement with the organic through rugs, mosaics, marble and the mixture of raw and precious materials and colours such as Inca blue and deep green. Laura believes that the authentic décor is successful in combining the spirit of Peruvian bohemia and Paris chic. A fitting highlight is the cocktail bar – that allows you to start or finish your journey to the lands of the Incas with a local touch. And the weekend cabaret of modern times – as spectacular as burlesque, truly extravagant, detailed yet flamboyant.

The restaurant is the passionate outing in collaboration with Benjamin Patou, founder of the reputed MOMA group and artist Garou along with chef Gastón Acurio. Considering their habit of success, Manko-Paris that nods to ‘Manco Capac’ the son of the sun god and the founder of the Incan people, is already the talk of the town!


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